Cubs for Breakfast

Cumann Daorchluiche Cubs na Chicago

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The tagline to Cubs for Breakfast reads:

“This Morning’s Cubs News – This Morning!”

It occurs to me that visitors might be nonplussed by the slogan, for more than one reason. First, not everyone catches up on Cubs news in the morning. (And, not all Cubs news becomes available in the morning – but that’s another inconvenient issue altogether.) Second, I stole the line from a well-known advertising campaign for a bread company – well-known here in Ireland, anyway (“Brennan’s – Today’s Bread Today”). Whether parody or homage, I realized it makes no sense to anyone outside of Ireland, which is basically every visitor to this site.

So, I will come up with a new tagline. Right now I am thinking:

“This Morning’s Cubs News Direct from – the Old Sod?”


According to the Boston Herald, the Cubs and Astros have both made offers to ex-Red Sox reliever Scott Williamson. He had great numbers last year but had to be shut down for reconstructive elbow surgery.

Corner pieces: Sosa, Ordonez, Floyd could be part of Cubs' outfield puzzle (Vorva - from Tuesday)