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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Not getting anything out of the front office, Tribune beat writer Paul Sullivan hit on agent Scott Boras last night for news on the Cubs-Beltran situation. Boras was only too happy to oblige, outing the Cubs’ apparent continuing interest for the other GMs to see.

I found a couple of things about the article (linked below) eerie in light of my optimistic comments yesterday.

Me (yesterday): “…perhaps the Cubs GM is flying under the radar to San Juan [Puerto Rico, where Carlos Beltran was earlier this week] right now.”

Sullivan in last night’s article: “…[Boras] said he respects the Cubs ability to ‘fly below the radar’”.

Sullivan tried to get comments from Hendry, but he declined as he was “en route to a family get-together” (uh-huh), but did say the Cubs are still “interested” in Beltran.

In light of all the recent press, and with respect to the inability to trade Sammy Sosa to date, this would have been the perfect time for Hendry to say that the Cubs are no longer in the Beltran hunt. The fans have been prepared for it, and a back-up plan involving a possible Magglio Ordonez acquisition has been heavily floated. But Hendry did not take that opportunity to say the Cubs are not interested in Beltran and has never said so. I admit I am overly optimistic, but it seems the Cubs still have a shot at signing this year’s premier free agent.

Tribune (Reg. Req.)
Boras: Beltran, Sosa fate not tied (Sullivan)

From around the country
Hey, it looks like the Scripps Howard News Service is the first to predict a Cubs pennant for 2005. Do they know something, or have they not been paying attention?


Meanwhile, I’ve felt bad this week chatting about free agent signings during one of the worst humanitarian crises the world has witnessed, but I wasn’t sure what I could say that would mean anything.

Well done to Al Yellon at And Another Thing!, who simply pointed out what we all can do to help, if only a little. See Al’s latest post for a link to the relevant Red Cross donation site for pledging assistance to relief efforts in Asia.