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Friday, December 17, 2004

I Don’t Get it Either

Thanks to Anonymous for his or her comment on Dec. 10. He or she said:

I don't get it if I need to get Cubs news I just go to the link below or run an RSS feed.
Its great what your doing but its redundant...

Believe me, I thought about this too, because there are so many ways already to “get Cubs news”. I wasn’t aware of the site you mention, but for an automated feed of relevant Cubs articles it is excellent. Most ways of aggregating lots of sources reporting on a topic result in either too much irrelevant junk or else too narrow a focus in terms of sources. The Pro Sports Daily bot works really well, as it sucks up articles from the four Chicago dailies as well as major news sources around the country.

So, am I wasting my time? I started doing this because during the off season I am scouring for Cub news updates every morning between around 3:30 and 5:30 am Chicago time (it’s a lot later here) when a lot of daily news sources get updated. I thought, since I’m already scanning, it might be useful for others if I collected the new headlines and stuck them in one place early every morning for easy access. It only takes me an extra minute or two and others might benefit from it.

A couple things that will keep me going:

-I get new headlines up about 90 minutes earlier than Pro Sports Daily and other aggregators.

-I filter out articles that add nothing to what has already been posted. I also “filter in” bits that might not make it the other sites or get lost among the junk: e.g., the last paragraph of a piece from Louisiana on Todd Walker, or something from a columnist (rather than a news article) that includes actual news and not just commentary.

So, for the moment, I’ll keep posting. If I get more feedback that Cubs for Breakfast is redundant, I’ll reconsider the format, but I intend to do that anyway when the season starts.