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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Well OK then. That’s the last time I look to Chris De Luca for baseball expertise. In yesterday's Ryno piece in the Sun-Times, De Luca leads with the fact that Sandberg appeared in 8,385 games during his major league career.

Even me, not a stat hound, choked when I read that opening sentence. 8,385? That’s the equivalent of playing in every game for 51 seasons (and part of a 52nd). Ryne Sandberg was known for steadiness and certainty during his career, but not freakish longevity.

The writer was of course looking at the wrong column – for at bats – but never caught the mistake, nor did the copy editor or anyone else down the line. It’s not really a mistake just anyone could make, since 8,385 isn’t anywhere near 2,164, the real number of games Ryno played in (it has finally been corrected on the web site version of the article). I can forgive Dave van Dyck’s slip-up in the Tribune, also yesterday, when he referred to “$100 million or more” as a “six-figure salary.” Those kinds of numbers are beyond the realm of everyday familiarity.

But more than eight thousand games played? Major credibility hit for the writer and the newspaper.

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