Cubs for Breakfast

Cumann Daorchluiche Cubs na Chicago

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Playing catch up here. Apart from increased activity away from the computer, by Saturday I had had enough of that Beltran madness, from which I suffered as much as anyone, so no breakfast for two days. Visitors come here for the consistency of new links, I guess, so my apologies for the interruption. For what it is worth, I think the Mets are spending way too much, and I almost feel sorry for Carlos that he had to "settle" for this third choice. (According to the New York Post, the Yankees [1] would not pay enough and the Astros [2] would not agree to a no-trade clause.) Almost, but not really, as it is impossible to feel sorry for someone who just got a $119 million pay day.

Cubs acquire lefty reliever (Kiley)
Wrigley concrete OK for now (Spielman)

Tribune (Reg. Req.)
Quiet Cubs watch enemies lose big (Sullivan)
'Pain-free' Ordonez eyeing Cubs (Sullivan - from Monday)
With derby over, Cubs still have questions (van Dyck and Sullivan - from Monday)

Cubs didn't offer what Beltran will receive (Miles - from Monday)

From around the country Dodgers sign catcher Bako