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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Life on the Flipside

Look at the standings in MLB. Anyone else find it hard to take that perennial Cub rivals the Cardinals and the White Sox, and Sammy Sosa’s new team the Orioles, are the hottest teams in baseball?

That just makes the hurt even worse, no? Maybe, but for every action there is a reaction, and every 45 rpm single has a flip side. (huh?)

Cub-deniers the Marlins are in first in the NL East.
(But the insufferable Yankees are fighting for last place in the AL East.)

Arizona, Milwaukee, and the ex-Expos are all doing better than the Cubs.
(But the Astros are doing worse, and Carlos Beltran’s new squad is barely doing any better.)

Aramis Ramirez seems to be channeling 2004 Moises Alou on the basepaths, and in terms of general hustle.
(He also seems to have found Moises’s bat from last year sometime this week.)

The bullpen.
(Joe Borowski is apparently looking good in Iowa.)

Milwaukee has a 6-game winning streak.
(Greg Maddux goes today. And it’s a day game.)


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