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Cumann Daorchluiche Cubs na Chicago

Friday, February 25, 2005

When I started Cubs for Breakfast on last November 1st, I imagined it would follow this news aggregation format up until the season started in April. Once the season starts, although there is a lot of news, it is almost all game news and we all have plenty of things -- like watching the actual games -- to focus our Cubs energy on. When the season starts, I thought, I would migrate to a more traditional blog format, flexing some writing muscles and including personal views and impressions of an overseas Cubs fan.

Although I've been on vacation the last 10 days, I've checked the headlines, and it seems all the stories from all the sources are the same - almost like during the season. Since it's been awhile, I'll go ahead and post some of today's headlines below. Over the next six weeks, I will continue to watch for significant (and, of course, obscure) news which I will pass on, but I will start experimenting with more personal blogging as well.

PS: I am going to skip the Sosa soap opera stories.

Borowski happy with early results (Miles)

All in the Cubs family: Mia gets Wrigley honor (Kiley)

From around the country
Apparently, ESPN will be showing more baseball games this year, at least in April and May, due to the lack of hockey. Does that mean more analysts are needed? Today's New York Post says both Steve Stone and Eric Karros could land color jobs with the network shortly, and the Los Angeles Daily News confirms that Karros' is a done deal.