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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thumbs up: The Farns and His Dad to Detroit

Kyle Farnsworth drove me, along with everyone else, to distraction with his inconsistency on the mound, but I was probably one of the only fans who actually liked the hairstyle he wore last year. Wouldn’t look good on me, but the Farns pulled it off.

The Cubs gave up on him this winter and sent Kyle, his dad and his hair gel to Detroit for three prospects, including pitcher Roberto Novoa and Chicago area native Bo Flowers. There are rumors that this could be part one of a larger transaction that could add a premier reliever, but Jim Hendry says the team will be sending scouts throughout the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues this spring to identify guys to go after later. (What's that about Kyle's dad? Nothing, only that the guy seems to be vicariously involved in his son's career, always talking to the press, as in today's Sun-Times piece, and apparently getting a mention from Dusty Baker early last year when the manager referred to a discussion with one of the players' father about the boy's maturity level.) Good luck in the Motor City, Mr. Farnsworth.

The Dayton Daily News has a story on Ohio resident Scott Williamson, who signed a minor league deal with the Cubs this off season following his second Tommy John surgery in October (which followed a season of pitching in pain for the Red Sox). The site requires visitors to register, so I’ll pass on a few bits of it here:

Even though the Red Sox said Williamson would be on the postseason roster, he decided during the last series that he would go back to Cincinnati for surgery. "I loved Boston," he said. "I loved the aura and the fans. But I didn't want to risk my career any longer."

Williamson was a free agent and wanted to get back to the National League Central, where he began with the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals and Houston Astros all called.

He expects to be ready to pitch in the majors by mid-May or June.

The Arizona Republic says Cubs spring training game ticket sales are up 12%, and that they are considering putting up temporary bleachers to boost capacity on weekends.

Down in Louisiana, Todd Walker country, one of the local papers talks to another second baseman in the Cubs organization, newly acquired minor leaguer Mike Fontenot, who came over from Baltimore in the Sosa deal.