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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Relief Needed

Relief from the tedium of early February, relief in the bullpen -- we need it all.

Cubs message boards are passing on rumors from local broadcast reporter Bruce Levine that a big change in the Cubs' bullpen will be made in next day or two. I can't find anything similar in today's papers, although the Sun-Times' Chris De Luca discusses the closer situation in this morning's column and repeats again that the team is pursuing Robb Nen.

For those message board posters more worried about the outfield than the bullpen, Ken Rosenthal at the Sporting News speculates on what it would take from the Cubs to get Aubrey Huff from the Devil Rays.

If you look around, there are several columns and soft news pieces that discuss, in part, Sammy Sosa's upcoming transition to a new club. If you are like me, you'll find these depressing. But only because we are so tired of reading about him this winter.

Desperate times call for desperate measures: Tom Goodwin is the last 2004 Cub to secure a job for '05. Tampa Bay extended a minor league deal to the perennial bench warmer yesterday.

Who is more desperate then? The Devil Rays, for taking a flyer on Goody? Or Cubs for Breakfast, for scrounging the tiniest crumbs of Cubs news and calling it a meal?