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Cumann Daorchluiche Cubs na Chicago

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fantasies Don't Come True

Which Cubs are on your fantasy team? Are you sorry you picked them? I was out of town when my league had its in-person draft in March. I had to have a friend pick my team (don’t ever let that happen to you), and I only had time to tell him to put a couple of Cub players on it. So, what does he do? He goes and picks seven Cubs for my 21-man roster!

Could you name seven Cubs you’d want on your fantasy team, given the team’s performance so far?

Well, I’ve had Nomar, Walker and Wood all sitting on the bench for ages, and wasn’t allowed to replace them until six weeks into the season. Prior has been great for ERA, WHIP and Ks, but I’ve got four other pitchers with as many or more wins than him. I’m very happy with Jeromy Burnitz’s performance in real life, but in a 12-team fantasy league with a pool of all MLB players, you expect a little more from your corner outfielders. Michael Barrett dragged me down in April, but I knew I’d be happy with him by the end of May. Most disappointing, of course, has been Aramis Ramirez. He has fewer RBIs than anyone on my team except for Barrett and Scott Hatteberg (and of course Nomar and Walker). Johnny Damon, who last I checked was a leadoff hitter, has four more RBIs than A-Ram.

My team, the Frank Chances, is currently languishing in 10th place. Although I picked up potential rookie phenom Clint Barmes to replace Nomar, his awesome April has turned into a decidedly average May. Which Cub players are you happy or unhappy with on your fantasy team? And did you find any “lightning in a bottle” from the later rounds of your draft?