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Cumann Daorchluiche Cubs na Chicago

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

We can expect a lot of hype on Len Kasper (who? Oh yeah, him) today and tomorrow. The Cubs are having a press conference to introduce him today at Wrigley Field. Wish they'd save the big splash for someone who will make a difference on the field.

Free agent Kent Mercker is again getting his side out, on the Cubs website, seeing as teams are now wondering if he's bad for the clubhouse.

Tribune (Reg. Req.)
Cubs call about Brewers' closer (van Dyck)

From around the country:
New York Times (Reg. Req.): The Boo Birds Are Circling a Fallen Star (Sosa profile)

The NYT website requires free registration. The article doesn't have anything new about the progress of trade talks with the Mets, but implies that they are very much alive. Mainly, it is a description of how Sammy fell from grace in Chicago, and it has quite a downbeat tone throughout.