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Monday, November 22, 2004

Tribune (Reg. Req.)
When Hendry talks, GMs listen (Rogers)

In case you didn't want to bother registering to read the Mercker story from Ohio the other day, here it is reprinted in the Trib (where you're more likely to have a password). Mercker says he never screamed at Steve Stone.

From around the country:
This is something I don't understand. Ken Rosenthal in the Sporting News says that the Cubs are "getting closer on a deal" with Tony Womack. If Womack is so great, why did he warm the Cubs' bench in 2003 when Mark Grudzielanek was the starter? Why are the Cubs letting Grudz go and now apparently going after Womack? Personally, I think Todd Walker should get to start all year for the Cubs but he won't be signed if they get Womack. Walker is supposed to be a bad defender and I understand that he is a little below average statistically, but I remember him making a lot more great plays last year than bad ones. More importantly, I like his bat and his relative patience at the plate. Womack is probably being targeted because he is a "true leadoff hitter" (and a supposedly better defender), but I prefer Walker, who somehow always inspires confidence when he comes to bat. He's been consistent at the plate during his career, while Womack has been flakey and flukey.