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Monday, December 06, 2004

Cubs Free Agent Watch III: Moises Alou

The Japan Times said last month that Moises Alou, “coming off a 39-homer, 106 RBI, .293 year at age 38, will check out the options available for 2005, including a return to Chicago and a second tenure of play for his father, this time in San Francisco.”

Do those options really exist?

Apparently, “his father would love for him to play in San Francisco and it would depend on what kind of offer the Giants can make,” according to The Cubs declined his option but said they could be interested in a cheaper deal, however, that seems very unlikely if Sammy Sosa cannot be traded.

But the New York Post says the Mets are interested in maybe having Alou instead of Sosa, and the Texas Rangers are also said to be looking at a 2005 outfield with Mo.